Strong Passwords

It is important to have a strong password for your website. Many attackers try to brute-force your login details. This means that they use a list of commonly used passwords, like your name, family name, car number, phone number etc.


Delete leftover files

When you installed an extension that you didn't like, don't set the extension to unpublished. If you do, the vulnerable files will still be on your website. So simply use the un-install function to totally get rid of the extension.


Proper file permissions

Never leave permissions for a file or directory set to 777. This allows everybody to write data (including exploits) to it. A wrong CHMOD may also allow access to the hackers.

Be proactive and protect your website from hacker intrusions. Most Joomla attacks are a result of plugin/components vulnerabilities, weak passwords, and obsolete software. Ensure that you have installed the latest versions of both the Joomla core itself and any third-party extensions.

How we can help ?



We teach you best practice to secure your site by providing a in-depth audit, taken from within your site, highlighting hacks and backdoors to fix with our tools.



Take control of all your sites in one place, upgrade, audit, backup and much more. We provide a set of unique tools to make the job very simple and easy - for all your sites.



Never be caught without a backup! We make the backup process totally automated, built on proven Akeeba technology, we can backup your site daily, weekly or monthly even offsite.



Set up an unlimited number of monitors (near-realtime and every 5 mins) to check your site is online and working well, and that important files have not been modified or changed.

...Security is a moving target, so today's expert might be tomorrow's victim...


Some sites we safe guard are listed below. Though number of site number is huge, we have some just few of recent ones.

Turn on Search Engine Friendly URLs, as it will hide typical Joomla URLs.

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Please feel free to ask for any support in Joomla Security or related issues. Our team will help you in resolving any issue or bug fixes.

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